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Welcome to the blog e-Cosway member Ade Rahman IN117431.
Web is intended as a means of information for all member eCosway Indonesia and the general public who need information about products and promotions and eCosway outlets are located in Indonesia.

PT Berjaya Cosway Indonesia (eCosway Indonesia) is a company Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) which started operation since February 1995 in Indonesia. Besides in Indonesia, eCosway also in Malaysia, Brunei, Japan, Australia, China, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. eCosway Malaysia is part of the Berjaya GROUP, a third largest business group in Malaysia which has hundreds of subsidiaries. eCosway Malaysia, founded in 1979, is currently the largest MLM company in Malaysia which has more than 2000 kinds of products, and turnover of more than Rp 1 trillion per year.

eCosway Indonesia currently has no less than 500 exclusive products at competitive prices, consisting of a series of health care products, beauty care, household maintenance, car care, food, drinks, etc.. Every month, Indonesian eCosway always launches a new series of high-quality products to expand market penetration and satisfy loyal customers.

In addition to the benefits of the products for consumers and members, eCosway Indonesia offers a number of advantages like; starter kit, a variety of exciting prizes in the rewards program product, guaranteed bonuses for new member, the products with promotional rates, early retirement opportunities, and support for 40 Sales Center Cosway (PPC) and 12 LC (Leader center) spread throughout Indonesia.

Vision eCosway Indonesia is BE NUMBER ONE. Armed with a clear concept and superior, eCosway sure will be the largest MLM company in Indonesia in the future.

Mission members eCosway is happy, both for members who choose to be happy shopper, as well as members who choose to obtain long-term revenue opportunities.

eCosway Indonesia is a company that pocketed a trusted MLM Business License Sales Berjenjang (IUPB) from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Indonesia, and has joined the Direct Selling Association of Indonesia (APLI) since 1995.

eCosway Indonesia had affected the impact of monetary crisis in 1998. However, since launching the program "HAPPY SHOPPING PLUS" November 2000, eCosway Indonesia rose again and continued to show progressive growth in terms of turnover and number of members to this day.

e-Cosway Business

A Revolutionary Concept in the Global Business Ownership

There is no freedom like being the boss of yourself, have anything you want and have time to enjoy it.

Business opportunities like never before eCosway has a unique business model, which provides an opportunity for everyone to succeed without the need to face the obstacles that are often found in common network marketing system.

Our success is determined from a series of diverse products, high quality and competitive prices are distributed through a wide network of centers - eCosway sales center. eCosway provides 4 simple steps and can be followed to produce a diverse revenue streams.

As a Business Owner (BO),
You can:

# Introducing the people who are interested in business opportunities.

# Introducing the people eCosway shop anywhere.

# Introducing the people who are interested in running eCosway store.

# Applying eCosway to run the store.

With eCosway, you'll learn how easy and interesting to build your own network and earn a lucrative and long-term.

Success Formula eCosway


When concerns about the product and business success, there are 2 very important factors-the quality and diversity. For more than 30 years eCosway has built cooperation with suppliers of materials and goods in the world's leading raw, manufacturers and researchers worldwide reputation. The result of products developed tersu, varied and high quality (also called best of the best) with a broad product categories, including products that become ahari daily needs, products that are always looking for interesting people, that create interest and encourage people to shop.

Our Product Range To Grow Includes:

Cleaning products are safe, effective, environmentally friendly, and no irritation of work to clean your home without endangering your health or the environment.

Self-care products using the latest technology to give you the best care with very satisfactory results. Recent treatment of fine lines of the famous skin specialist maintenance help you stay young and beautiful.

Household appliances that are innovative, which helps housework becomes easy.

The latest nutritional products from the best researchers around the world to help you prevent and overcome health problems and maintain optimal health

The best water filter systems that exist today, which gives "living water"
which purei and healthy, with an affordable price.

Fuel-saving products, power, cleaner engines mobl There have always wanted
to drive, and help you save money every time you refuel.

Marketing Plan


Most network marketing companies to overestimate the price of their products. This prevents penjaualan. eCosway is proud to offer quality products with prices kompetetif, generate sales growth from new and old customers.


Innovative Program Rewards Point (RP) of eCosway make your shopping while enjoying cheap and fun, with various promotions such as discounts, new product offerings, product purchasing programs can be a special product, and rewards programs manarik products.

Physical Distribution

Maybe you've heard that the key to business success is "location, location, location!" ECosway stores accessible as we open a store in dense residential area, frequented hypermarket and shopping malls. Unlike most MLM companies yan provide limited distribution channels, eCosway broad reach and provides easy access for you to shop by providing too or sales centers eCosway convenient and strategic.

Draft Bonus
When you join the eCosway as BO (Business Owner) independent, your main goal is to build a network sebuaha VIP Shopper and BO (Business Owner) like yourself.
The combination of global business opportunities that do not eCosway inimitable and unique, and groundbreaking design make the bonus you earn a fast, profitable and long term customer of your network continues to grow without limits.
You can menruskan eCosway your business on your heirs, so the benefit of children and your generation.

Reward Point (RP)

Enjoy shopping with special discounts when using the RP. The following table shows the number of RP are needed to shop for products in each category:

Product Categories
Discount from
Normal Price

eVolume (eV)

Number RP

Category 1


50% of the
normal eV

RP 2 for 1 unit of product
RP 3 for 2 units of the product

Category 2


50% of the
normal eV
1 RP for the product or to
2 units of products at prices below or equal to
Rp. 40,000.

Category 3


40% of the
normal eV
1 RP for the product or products for 2 units at a price below or equal to Rp. 40,000.

For each expenditure Rp. 150.000, in one invoice, you will get an additional 1 RP again.

Reward Product

Reward Items are special products of interest and offered at any time, you can buy using Reward Points (RP) and the price was fantastic. There is no eV for the purchase of this product.

Products Buying

You only live visit centers eCosway Sales closest to you, and buy items from the catalog prodk, code, price, and value of eV from each of the products shown in this catalog (see below).

Product Name

Product Code

Pure Aloe
Soothing Body talc

eV: 1.6

Product Contents

eVolume (eV)


Product Categories
Each product has a code respectively.
Retail price of each product are as listed in the Catalog and price list.
The products are grouped in categories 1.2 or 3. These categories determine the amount of your discount with Rewards Point (RP).
Prices in catalog include 10% VAT.
eVolume (eV) is the volume of business that is used for calculating the profit / profit Business Owner (BO).

How You Get Bonus

When you or anyone in your network to anywhere from our store, will produce "eVolume" (eV). eV is the value of sales volume contained in each product eCosway.

Each month, calculate eCosway generated eV your network and gives you 4 types of bonuses:

Retail Profit.

Overide branch.

Branch Performance Incentive.

Extra Incentive.

Note: For a monthly bonus calculation,
1 eV = 1eDollar = Rp. 10,000
You will receive your bonus each month

Retail Profit

When you sell a product to your customers with a recommended retail price, you will get the difference of the Sales Price and discount price for you. In the end, up to 23% bonus will be paid on sales eVolume (eV) generated from the monthly Personal Branch (consisting of your own purchase plus the purchase of your VIP Shopper). Although the benefits are paid only on the profit Private Branch, the percentage you get is based on the overall volume of your business network. the bigger your network, the more bonus gained from personal purchases and retail sales you.

Branch Overide

You will get a percentage of the eV overriding prepared by by every branch of your BO, based on the percentage difference between you and those who qualify.